Comprehensive Program

Comprehensive Programme

health5Reijin promotes the adoption of positive health behaviours and wellness practices. It offers solutions in three major areas that fit lifestyles, cultures, health and wellness objectives and good practices in healthcare. The three areas are: good nutrition focusing on Mediterranean diets, physical activity, and building innovative systems and solutions of support for the care and wellness of the ageing and other vulnerable groups of people.

Based upon your organization’s needs and goals, you will be able to gain the latest knowledge, evidence-based healthcare and wellness practices, and expert guidance needed to transform your workplace environments for the benefit of your clients, members and employees.

Reijin provides ‘on site’ needs assessment and identification of barriers and gaps in your institute or facility with regard to your health and wellness programmes. It then develops and shares client-focused interventions and solutions that match the needs of the organization making every effort to overcome the barriers and gaps through support in institutional capacity building, policy development, and training of leaders and employees.

The Comprehensive Programme ensures that leaders and employees are equipped with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver innovative health and wellness strategies to clients and members, or dircetly benefit from them as individuals.