Education & Workshops

Based upon your organizational needs and goals, employees and members of your institution will be able to learn the latest knowledge, find out about evidence-based healthcare and wellness practices, gain appropriate skills, and receive expert guidance needed to transform your workplace environments for the benefit of your stakeholders.

Reijin provides CPE programmes and interdisciplinary educational workshops on the concepts, principles and practices of:

  • Rethinking about nutrition: Mediterranean diets – science supporting claims, benefits and tools
  • The importance of physical activity: strategies, practices and tools
  • Ergonomics and neurosciences as they apply to healthcare professionals for the purpose of strengthening services to the ageing and vulnerable groups of patients.
  • Quality improvement and patient safety; making positive contributions to a culture of trust and safety; aiming for patient-centered care
  • Leadership development programmes on the issues addressed.
  • Professional development
  • Patient/caregiver/family engagement strategies

Online courses and webinars on the above topics are offered on demand by Reijin educators.