Health & Wellness

Health and wellness promotion is about reaching for positive life-styles and circumstances to improve health.
There are many paths to health and wellness promotion. Among them, healthy living approaches should go beyond the focus of an individual health-style behaviour, but move towards building new health attainment and healthcare strategies that can be adopted by institutions and communities.
rejinFrom good nutritional practices, to healthcare and community systems for the care and wellness of people, an array of solutions is available by Reijin to support institutions, enterprises and health facilities anywhere in the world achieve their health and wellness objectives.
Reijin helps institutions to adopt and apply positive healthcare behaviors and wellness practices to its members, clients and employees. It offers solutions in three major areas that can fit a diversity of cultures, lifestyles and healthcare objectives. The areas are:
Good nutrition, focusing on Mediterranean diets, physical activity, and building innovative systems and solutions of support for the care of the ageing and other vulnerable groups of people.